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I don’t think he’s okay


I can’t see anything 
The light is going further away
Leaving me in darkness

I can’t reach it
I can’t see it
The pressure is too much

It’s drowning me

Don’t touch me, I have too many feels rn))



I fear of falling with no one to catch me.


So I’ve been playing around with paint tool sai lately, and i decided to draw Fem Rei! >w< I really do think this is what Rei would look like as a chick. XD But yeah this was fun, hopefully i get to a point where i can comfortably use sai so i can do some of my larger projects on it. But slow and steady :3


do you ever look at yourself and think ‘aw cute’ but then walk two feet into a different lighting and think ‘omg nvm’



i cant read reigisa smut cause all i can picture is rei doing that fucking laugh when he does something right and that scream whenever he does something wrong and im sobbing goodbye

"Oh you like that huh?"




Because one Haru wasn’t enough for a future fish au.


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